3000 cancer patients and their families at rescue by Vivek Oberoi

Actor Vivek Oberoi has started his bit towards the well being of cancer patients thought a video seeking for donations.

As we battle the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become more than essential to provide for all the sections of the society. Among the many who are being helped by various organizations, Vivek Oberoi is doing his bit for the cancer patients. Vivek has tied up with the Cancer Patient’s Aid Association (CPAA) and it’s supplementary food bank to care for the needs of 3000 cancer patients and their families in the due course of three months from now.

Working towards the promotion of his noble cause, Vivek took to his Instagram to share a video tp urge people of the society to come forwards and contribute generously to the cause. The fundraiser, according to Vivek, if fed with ₹1000 per person, it would fill the food bank of the organizations so as to provide for one whole month of supplies for the families.

Vivek Oberoi’s initiative was conceived when the parents of some cancer stricken children went up to him and told him their concern. Hence, the fundraiser is aimed at providing basic nutrition to the kids who are ailing but still have to go to bed hungry due to the uncertain circumstances. Earlier, Vivek has provided for free cardiac surgeries of children from impoverished backgrounds and his noble cause continues.

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