A battle against malnutrition in India as Priyanka and Nick Jonas seek donations for it

A word has been spread urging people to come forward and contribute towards hunger in India. Priyanka and Nick taking the lead.

Malnutrition and Hunger have been an underlying problem in India since ages. However with the loss of jobs and the crushing of the daily wage due to the crisis of the pandemic, the problem has been alleviated. To battle the situation, Priyanka and Nick have come forward with a fundraiser and an awareness drive which urges people to contribute their bit in helping the people who are undergoing starvation.

As a part of their covid-19 relief mission, Priyanka and Nick Jonas have started a foundation called Together For India which now aims to look after the rate of hunger and malnutrition. To promote the same, the celebs have taken to twitter to urge the people to contribute. The donations will thus ensure cooked food as well as dry ration supplies to affected areas and help fight starvation.

The couple, who was recently spotted at the Billboards Music Awards has captioned the video with a note which reads, ” We are overwhelmed by the support that has come in & as we continue to raise more to support India’s healthcare infrastructure, we’d also like to extend support to another critical need that has emerged in our battle against Covid, fighting Hunger & malnutrition across India. ”


Priyanka has been among the many actors fighting for noble works during the pandemic and her singer husband Nick Jonas has been her right hand in the cause. Kudos to their work!

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