A cute moment for Angad Bedi as his daughter embraces him with love post his isolation days

A video of Angad Bedi and Neha Dupia’s daughter has gone viral where she is running to hug him after his return from isolation.

COVID-19 has caused many families to break up as their members had to isolate themselves in conscious of the infection. A similar situation had been encountered by Angad Bedi where he had to isolate himself for a period of 16 days. Angad has tested negative for the virus and returned home, only to find his daughter eagerly rushing towards him to welcome him with a hug.

Angad has recently posted a video of his return on Instagram. The video shows his daughter, Mehr, running to him and giving him a tight hug. The father and daughter duo then start playing with each other after their reunion. The video is being taken by Neha who calls out to her daughter to tell her that her father was here which was a trigger for Mehr to get up and rush. The video is ended with a cute family pose by the three.

Angad has a catchy caption for this video. He says, “COVID-19 you have been very hard on all of mankind. These have been very trying times. But one thing that has come out of it has been the value of our loved ones. Finally tested negative and after 16 days of isolation i get to see my lovely wife neha and my daughter Mehr who were themselves facing such uncertainty. But we are reunited now.. there is no better feeling than coming back home.. I’m home. Neha you and Mehr together make such a lovely home @nehadhupia Waheguru Mehr kare. #SHUKAR.

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