A ‘Squad Rann’ fancy baby shower for Rannvijay Singha’s wife Priyanka

As they await their little one, Rannvijay Singha hosts a baby shower for his wife Priyanka.

It is happiness beyond the pleasures of the earth when we speak about parents expecting a child. parents-to-be, Rannvijay Singha and wife Priyanka hosted a baby shower which was a fancy, balloon decorated and a cute way of welcoming their baby. The Roadies host took to his Instagram to share pictures of the decorations and the adorable mother-to-be. It is a second child for the parents but they seem to be excited and prepped up just like the first time.

“I was told ‘Pri, it’s been 8 months since you’ve been in your tracks everyday with lockdown having been the best reason for you to be lazy, not social and stay in, but no more of this! Get your butt up, dress up and just be out in the garden on this date in the morning!’ .. and so I caved.. didn’t need to go far really! BEST SURPRISE EVER. Thank you my K & M for putting together the loveliest, yummiest, most beautiful and so thoughtful baby shower for Rann and I,” Priyanka wrote on her Instagram as she expressed her gratitude towards her husband’s cute gesture.

In the pictures Rann posted, Priyanka was was seen wearing a floral dress as she posed with her husband. He also posted a picture of the cake which has ‘Squad Rann’ inscribed on it.


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