Actress Arzoo Govitrikar files judicial separation case, alleges husband Siddharth use to drag her to the bathroom and beat her

Naagin 2 Actress Arzoo Govitrikar says her husband used to beat her black and blue

Actress Arzoo Govitrikar made her debut in the Telugu film industry in the movie Manasutho in 2002 and became a well-known face amongst them. The actress is also known for acting in movies like ‘Baghban’ and ‘Mere Baap Pehle Aap.’ She also played in the famous television show ‘Naagin 2’ by Ekta Kapoor.

In the shocking turn of events, Arzoo Govitrikar has filed for divorce from husband Siddharth Sabharwal, alleging domestic violence accusations against him. The actress also talked about how she was beaten up by him.

On February 19, 2019, the actress has filed a complaint of domestic violence where she said that the couple had fought over Siddharth’s alcohol consumption after which Siddharth dragged her to the bathroom and beat her.

Now talking to ETimes, the actress that she is not going to reconcile with him and not going to take it lying down. She further said that she has tried her best and lost her pride but now couldn’t continue with Siddharth. Arzoo said, “I want to tell you that he has pulled me by my neck and tried to throw me out of the flat. He has slapped me. He has kicked me in my stomach. There were days when I was beaten up black and blue and I couldn’t come out because I didn’t want my bruises to be seen.” While talking about her domestic bruises she shared that not just physical abusing, Sidharth also abused her verbally by using dirty language and this had an adverse effect on her health. Arzoo revealed that she couldn’t sleep and had blackouts and her hands and legs used to swell up. The Baghban actress revealed that Siddharth first raised his hand on her two years after their marriage. She shared that he just drifted apart and started sleeping in a different room after their son was born.

She also shared that she found out that Siddharth had a Russian girlfriend and that they used to keep chatting. She said that she has those chats and the CCTV footage of physical violence Siddharth did on her as proof. She had also asked him to sort out things once but he became a more aggressive post that. Arzoo was asked if her in-laws knew about it. She revealed that her in-laws have passed away and her sister-in-law does not want to get into the matter. She added, “He told me he knows how the legal system works and he will nachao me for 15 years.”

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