Actress-model Poonam Pandey comes out with a shocking revelation about Raj Kundra, leaking her phone number with a message

Poonam Pandey when refused to sign the contract her mobile number was leaked with a message ‘Call Me I’ll Strip For You’

Ever since the news has emerged on the internet regarding the arrest of businessman Raj Kundra, Poonam Pandey, who confessed before the Mumbai Police team that she was brought into the adult film industry by him has once again made shocking revelation on Kundra. The actress has recalled the incident when she was forced to sign a contract with the app. “I was threatened and forced to sign a contract which stated — I have to shoot, pose and look a certain way according to their will or else, they’d leak all of my personal stuff,” read a report in Times of India.

Pandey, who has had a legal history with Kundra prior to the porn scandal, as well, said she filed a case against Kundra and the company that was handling her app in 2019, since she complained they were using her videos even after the contract had ended.
“When I said no to signing the contract, he leaked my phone number with a caption, ‘Call me now. I will strip for you’.

He released this message along with my personal number and broadcast it. I still remember that after that my phone rang non-stop. I got calls from the whole world, including threatening messages,” she said adding that she had to go “into hiding” because of the nature of the texts she was receiving.
“I was not home. I was living like a fugitive. I was scared that something would happen to me because of the kind of messages I used to get, such as ‘I know where you are’. It was scary,” Poonam said.

Pandey reasoned that if Kundra could commit a “heinous crime” with her, a “known” personality, then one might wonder the kind of exploitation he must have subjected other women to. She urged every person, especially every girl out there, to raise their voice and speak up if they have experienced something similar.

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