Aditya Narayan opens up on Indian Idol 12 new controversy; says Pawandeep Rajan-Arunita Kanjilal’s Romance is ‘Dhong’

Makers ‘cook up’ a romantic angle between contestants to entertain the audience – Aditya Narayan

Indian Idol 12 host Aditya Narayan has opened up on the ongoing romance between Pawandeep Rajan and Arunita Kanjilal. He said that makers ‘cook up’ a romantic angle between contestants to entertain the audience and nothing else. 

During an interview with an entertainment portal, the singer revealed that makers create a fake relationship just to keep the audience entertained and until the people finds it entertaining or enjoying, there’s no harm to do so.

Fans are loving the chemistry between Pawandeep and Arunita, even some fan clubs are running on social media to support them. Makers have designed each episode to highlight their chemistry.

But when it’s revealed that all this is fake, fans considered that makers have make them fool.

Talking about the same, In an interview with Bollywood Spy, Aditya said, “Hum masti karte hai (We are just having some fun). People say that we cook up make-believe affairs on reality shows. So what? Did we ever say no? We do it. Ye dhong hai (This is all lie). But you enjoy it no? Because we love to do it.”

Aditya also urged fans to take this things lightly and have fun with it as the reality show is only to entertain the audience.

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