When fans found simalirities in features of Taimur and Jeh’s Nanny and politician Mamta Banerjee

Savitri, nanny of Jeh and Taimur is now being compared to W.B’s CM, Mamta Banerjee

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan arrived in Mumbai on sunday from their trip to Maldives. They were accompanied by Taimur Ali Khan and Jeh Ali Khan. We received our first good glimpse at little Jeh, who is a total cutie patootie. The infant is seen in the arms of his babysitter, dressed in a blue onesie. Viewers can see that Jeh is being looked after by Taimur Ali Khan’s nanny. The woman had become well-known after being spotted with Taimur all around town when he was little. Savitri is her birthname.

Surprisingly, some have started comparing her to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. They believe her features resembles that of the politician. Here are the responses. “Magar ye mamta banerjee kyu hath me utha ke le ja rahi he usko,” one admirer said, while the other added, “Ye Mamata Benarji He Kya (Didi).” Somebody else has made the same comment. “Wo sab to thik h pr mamta banrjee ko bachha sambhalne ko rkh liya saif ne wow gzb paisa hai yr,” the individual added. Another person wondered why the same nanny was hired again and suggested that people  should give ‘new talent’ an opportunity.

Here’s the video of Jeh with her nanny:


Saif Ali Khan recently turned 51 years old and celebrated his birthday with fam in Maldives.  He’d been worked all year and needed to get away. Kareena Kapoor Khan also posted some stunning pictures and photos from her trip to the Maldives with Jeh.


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