After Raj Kundra’s arrest, Gehana Vasisth claims everyone’s trying to take advantage of this situation

Gehana Vasisth takes side of Raj Kundra after his arrest and gives an exclusive interview and calls out those who are making memes.

The arrest of Raj Kundra in association with the pornographic film scam has generated quite a stir in the area. And, despite the fact that he has been placed in court detention until July 23, the nation remains divided. Indeed, memes abound on social media, and Kundra has been ridiculed. In the midst of all, Gehana Vasisth has come out in favour of Raj Kundra. In an exclusive interview, the actress said that she did not produce any pornographic films, but she also replied to the memes that were going viral on social media.

Gehana told a media house exclusively that individuals are exploiting the situation. “Ye jo abhi continuously memes ban rahe hain, ye toh har cheez ka ek daur hota hai. Public ko jo bhi cheez trend me nazar aati hai, log uska meme banate hai aur daal dete hain kyunki wo bhi to eventually paise kama rahe hote hain na. Kehte hai na behti ganga me haath dho lo to har koi behti ganga me haath dho kar ke daal raha hai (All memes have a period. People prefer to develop memes around something that is popular in order to profit from it. It’s similar to making hay while the sun shines)”.

Furthermore, Gehana remarked that the films created by Raj that she is aware of are bold and provocative. “Police and the general public must realise that there is a significant distinction between porn and erotica,” she continued. Following Kundra’s arrest on July 19, Mumbai Police Commissioner Hemant Nagrale labelled him the “chief conspirator” in the case.

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