Aly Gony Makes Fun of Celebs Posting Pictures of moment when they took Jab

Aly Gony when recently spotted in Mumbai told the paparazzi that he has taken his first dose of vaccine, at the same time he mimicked the celebs who were posting videos and photos of the event, and made fun of them.

On Thursday, Aly Goni was photographed by photographers while out in Mumbai. He told about his buddy, Bigg Boss 14 co-contestant Rahul Vaidya’s, forthcoming wedding. He also made fun of celebrities who posted footage of themselves receiving the Covid-19 vaccination.

Aly Goni was questioned if he had taken the Covid-19 vaccination in a video published online by a paparazzi account, and he responded that he had already gotten the first dosage. He laughed, adding, “Aisa picture nahi daala lekin liya hai (I didn’t share a photo of it, but I received the immunisation).”
He then grabbed his arm and appeared to wince in pain, oddly familiar to celebrities who had posted videos of themselves receiving the vaccination.

Furthermore, Aly was questioned about Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar’s forthcoming wedding, and he stated that planning is underway. “Rahul bohot khush hai aur main un dono ke liye usse bhi zyada khush hoon,” he said.

Earlier, Asha Negi too had slammed celebrities’ vaccination videos, accusing them of “overacting.” In an Instagram post, she said, “To all the actors who are releasing their immunisation footage… Yaar awareness ke liye thik hai, but itni overacting mat kiya karo, bohot irritating ho jaata hai!” She also jokingly inquired whether the celebrities brought a cameraman to capture the scene or if the hospital supplied such services.

Aly was recently featured on Bigg Boss 14 as a wild card participant and emerged as one of the finalists on the show. His connection with his best buddy and Bigg Boss 14 co-contestant Jasmin Bhasin has made headlines.

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