Amin Hajee calls the separation of Amir Khan and Kiran Rao a ‘personal defeat’, having the information prior it went public

The close ones knew about the discomfort in the Amir Khan and Kiran Rao’s marriage. Many things emotionally affected the friend circle of Kiran Rao and Amir Khan during the decision.

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao have handed out a joint statement, declaring openly their divorce, after 15 years of marriage. They have a son, Azad, together.
Although they are together for their son and it’s a mature person’s decision.
Meanwhile, A day after superstar Aamir Khan and director Kiran Rao announced their divorce, the Dangal star’s close friend Amin Hajee on Sunday said that while the public statement might have come now, the duo’s loved ones had known about the estrangement for some time now.
Furthermore, The Lagaan actor, being identically involved at Aamir’s wedding to Kiran in 2005, thought it to be futile to convince the former couple as they are mature people, who don’t take decisions in haste.
Hajee also stated that like Aamir’s fans, even he is heartbroken at his separation from Kiran but the pair has assured him that they would always be “together”.
“My family has known about this for a while but it’s just Aamir and Kiran and has decided to announce it today.
I am still coming to terms with this great loss.
As we speak they are together with Azad (Rao Khan) in Kargil.
Further, he said that
Kiran sent me a photograph of the three of them today morning.
I showed it to my family and told them that they are still together but it is just that their marital status has changed,” the actor said.
Being close to the pair, Hajee said he considers their break-up a personal defeat.
“Aamir was the best man at my wedding and I was the best man at his wedding to Kiran so it is a personal loss for us.
We sat together and discussed it, but as I said, these guys don’t make a decision unless they have gone through it thoroughly.

“I didn’t tell them that you can’t do this but I wish I could. But I respect both of them and their decision.
I know that it was heartbreaking even for them.
I am heartbroken and I told my wife Charlotte.
He said It’s a big defeat for me. Sometimes two good people may not be meant to be together, ”.
Hajee added he respected Aamir and Kiran’s decision and people should also welcome it without questioning them.
“In these 15 beautiful years together we have shared a lifetime of experiences, joy and laughter, and our relationship has only grown in trust, respect and love. Now we would like to begin a new chapter in our lives — no longer as husband and wife, but as co-parents and family for each other,” Aamir and Kiran announced in a joint statement on Saturday. They have a son, Azad, together.

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao announced their divorce after 15 years of marriage today, July 3. Before Kiran, Aamir was married to Reena Dutta for 16 years


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