When Amitabh Bachchan’s lookalike was a source of entertainment to those ailing in the hospitals

Amitabh ji’s impersonator has relaxed the serious mood of the COVID-19 patients by entertaining their by his mimicry.

Hope, a word that has been used and overused during these depressing days of the pandemic. While a bunch of us are privileged to be safe at home, others have been ailing and suffering for recovery, confined to the walls of the hospital. The environment they are put into, with all the news about death and surges in the cases, patients have weaken their emotional strength. In such a scenario, a mimic artist who is a lookalike or more of an impersonator of the great Big B of Bollywood has been entertaining patients in hospitals.

Shashikant Pedwal has engaged himself into funny stand-ups and mimics to be presented to those suffering in the hospital to divert their mind and relive their stress. For over 12 years, Pedwal, who is a teacher by profession has been performing on stage. He also makes visits to cancer patients and performs for them as a part of his social work.

Due to the constraints of the pandemic, private hospitals denied him a permission to perform his obligation towards the patients and hence he decided to go virtual. He has been organizing these virtual meets for the patients and has been their source of entertainment. The artist of the opinion that most people cannot mistake him for a dummy and go on to believe that they have been taking to Bachchan ji.

“They are happy to see me and I don’t find the need to tell them about my real identity. Even if their family knows about it, they don’t reveal to the patient. They are happy that my presence and my interaction with the patient helps them out, so no one tends to mind it,” saya Pedwal.

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