Ananya Panday reacts on Arbaaz’s show ‘Pinch’ on being called ‘Fake Panday’

Ananya said, trolls don’t affect her because she got immune to it in school

Ananya Panday, an actor, is prepared to address her haters, although with a spin. In the most recent Pinch commercial, presenter Arbaaz Khan reads out many offensive comments regarding her performance, accent, and ‘artificiality.’ Ananya maintains her cheerful demeanour and grins, believing that the only possible response to these kind of venom and negativity is with love. A few of the remarks even make the actor giggle.
“Oh my gosh her accent, my ears are bleeding,” one person remarked to Ananya. “I’m very sorry,” Ananya said. I’ll send you a tissue.” In another section of the video, she questions why she is referred to as a “struggling didi.” “It’s very amusing,” she remarks.

Ananya responded wittyly to a bully who remarked, “Overacting is engraved all across her face.” She replied by gesturing to her own face.
Ananya’s approach to dealing with bullies appears easy. “If someone is really toxic and furious, the only reaction must be love,” she adds. Someone labelled her fake, and addressed her as ‘Fake Panday,’ to which Ananya said, “You may call me anything else but artificial.  I am very genuine.” One person requested her to marry, and she replied that she had no intentions to do so till she is thirty years old. Somebody else wrote a poem about her struggles, and Ananya smiled and said, “I love it!”

Ananya Panday is a newcomer to vicious cyberbullying and has received a lot of flak from people on social media for her outfit choices, views on nepotism, and Instagram posts. The actor founded the Positive project, which assists children in dealing with bullies. At a previous interview, she stated that she was tormented in school because of her appearance. ” I was constantly embarrassed at school since my skirt exposed my skinny, chicken legs and wiry hands. Because I am tall and often stoop down to hear people, I was dubbed a hunchback. “Because I was tormented in school, trolls don’t bother me,” she explained.

Pinch, Arbaaz Khan’s weekly show, airs on Zee 5.

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