Ankita Maity shares her choreography anecdote involving Salman Khan, says he got a great aura

Ankita says Salman Khan is intimidating but fun to work with

Ankita Maity, a celebrity choreographer, has collaborated with some of Bollywood’s most famous stars and directors. Ankita spilled the beans about her shows, performers she idolises, and amazing B-Town dancers in an exclusive interview with a media outlet.

On being asked how was her experience of working with talented artists like Monica Dogra, and Tannishtha Chatterjee, she said, she had previously worked with Monica Dogra. She is fantastic and a professional dancer.

For Tannishtha Chatterjee she said, “I hit it off right away since we started talking in Bengali. I had to create a pole dancing move for her that required adequate training. We only had about an hour for practice. We tried our best, considering her role in the series in consideration. I think she killed it with her expressions and simply being herself.”

She told that best person from the industry to work on choreography is Vidya Balan, calling her “the finest”. Ankita said, “she is among the most modest persons I have ever encountered. For her, whomever educates her becomes her guru, regardless of their age gap.”

She also called Rajshree Deshpande an excellent actor. Spilling beans she said, “Rajshree practices until instructor calls her move flawless.”

Ankita finds Shahid Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan’s dancing style incredible, making everything look smooth and easy! She also appreciated Katrina Kaif’s grace while dancing.

On sharing her experience working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali in Padmaavat, Ankita said that the way in which sir wworks might be intimidating but once you understand the pattern you adjust to it.

Ankita shared a tale from one of her experiences with Salman Khan saying, “It was (choreography) for a CID episode in which he was marketing his film “Kick.” I was teaching my performers and told them where he would join the track; I was copying his ‘bhai walk,’ and I had no idea he was observing all of this from just behind me!
Then he says, ‘This is how I move?’ in a loud voice. I quickly turned off the music and walked towards him to greet him. When I informed him he could walk whatever way he pleased, he burst into laughter. His vibe seems frightening, yet he is the polar opposite of how I imagined him to be.”

Ankita feels Ayushmaan Khurrana is a “chupa rustom” ( Dark horse), calling him an excellent entertainer as well as a dancer who is capable of leaving one with positive sensation.



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