Arjun Kapoor calls sister Anshula Kapoor his “Strength” and “life”, shares a video of her interview on his social media

Arjun shared a video of an interview of Anshula Kapoor where she talks about loss of their mother, and how she coped with it.

Arjun Kapoor has posted a short clip of his sister, entrepreneur Anshula Kapoor, discussing the passing of their mother, Mona Kapoor, nine years ago and how she copes with her grief.
Anshula Kapoor stated in a latest interview with Hindustan Times’ Smart Cast that for a long period of time after her mother’s death, she would frequently feel guilty after experiencing any emotion other than grief.

“Time allows you to shape your life around that loss, but it is always present. In the first year or two, each time I laughed, felt pleased, or felt any feeling other than sadness, it was followed quickly by guilt. There is no right or wrong way to cope with it, and there is nothing wrong with seeking for an outside assistance,” In her interview, Anshula stated. Arjun Kapoor frequently posts heartfelt comments about their mother on Instagram (her birth and death anniversaries for instance).

Anshula went on to say, “Speak with your therapist. Also, don’t walk down the path of self-sabotage. And don’t expect people to excuse you for the rest of your life simply because you’ve suffered a loss. My mother died in March of 2012. Indeed, loss is always present. Sadly, or thankfully, the only individuals who can connect are others who have suffered a comparable loss. I’m not sure where she is at present now; she’s clearly not in her physical body and isn’t in agony. For me, that was the one thing I clung to.”
Arjun Kapoor shared a clip from the conversation on Instagram, writing, “#MeraWalaGrief My strength, my life @anshulakapoor #MeraWalaGrief @stuteeghosH.”


Anshula also mentioned it on her Instagram Stories. She posted a screenshot of the interview with the caption, “This isn’t a how-to guide for dealing with grief. This is a tiny sample of me being my real self, speaking about how I’ve been mourning mom for the last 9 years and how you don’t just ‘get over’ the loss of a loved one, rather learn to construct your life around that sorrow.”

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