Arjun Kapoor: Charity is an ‘individual thing’ as he speaks against actors getting criticized

After Tamannaah Bhatia, Arjun Kapoor also speaks about how the charity is more of an individual thing than a celebrity showcase.

Celebrities of B-Town have been under utmost pressure and dilemma for performing noble tasks of charity. They are being heavily criticized either for not showcasing their works of charity or for being transparent with their donations. Despite being generous with their efforts, celebs have been facing flak. Reacting to the amount of pressure being built up around the issue, actor Arjun Kapoor said that charity and noble tasks are more of an individual thing than a celebrity affair. Every person has a personal issue and would like to function in a manner they feel comfortable in.

“Celebrities get bunched up and clubbed into this hand (flock) of people who are supposed to come together and help the world exactly like superheroes and then they are supposed to be accountable at all times. They have to also take care of themselves. Some people like to take a backseat, some like to step in the foreground because they have the capability. It’s a human thing, it’s not a celebrity thing. Not every human being you know is going out there and doing everything, right? Some are, some are not in a position to, and celebrities are no different. We are humans. I don’t have a take on it beyond this,” The Sardar Ka Grandson actor said as he reacted to how the mentality of people has turned out to be that of celebrities being ultra-powerful people who are to come to everyone’s aid. One must realize that celebs, even though hyped, are normal people and there mustn’t be any strings attached.

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