Arjun Rampal opened up on being a chain smoker

The actor got motivated by his son to quit smoking.

This World No Tobacco Day marks almost a year for actor Actor Arjun Rampal shares his experience of past days when he was addicted to smoking. On ‘World No Tobacoo Day’, the actor, who was a chain smoker, said,

“When I wanted to quit, it was the most difficult thing to do — I’d get cranky, irritated and short-tempered. It’s not something that one can overcome easily.”

Arjun revealed that he was smoking since his school days. Talking about that time, he adds, “I used to be an athlete. I got hurt doing some hurdles, while training for races, and couldn’t compete. I was quite upset and saw my friends smoking, and for the fun of it, I also tried. I couldn’t do it, so, my friends taught me how to inhale and take a drag. I smoked one and got this head rush for the first time; it felt really good. I became a chain smoker, which was disgusting.”

The actor gives all credit to his baby boy, Arik, who motivated and pushed him to quit smoking.

He shares, “I was sitting with Arik in the middle of a pandemic, and I thought I’m just messing my lungs, and playing with my health. I know the capacity I have for outputs is far greater than what it is today,” says Rampal, adding, “How can I be so irresponsible to go and pick up a baby, while smelling of tobacco. It stays on your hands, hair and fingers too.”

Rampal also shared the feeling of ‘urge to smoke again’ after seeing someone smoking after being a non-smoker for around a year.


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