Aryan Khan case: Key witness Kiran Gosavi reveals Aryan Khan didn’t possess any narcotics on person, claims other witness Sam D’Souza

Key witness Kiran Gosavi ADMITTED Shah Rukh Khan’s son didn’t possess any drugs on person, claims other witness Sam D’Souza

Kiran Gosavi, who has been in the news for some time as a critical key witness in the Aryan Khan case, has now approached with a stunning statement that could completely expose the whole case and cast further questions over the possible unscrupulous purposes for NCB official Sameer Wankhede arresting Aryan Khan. Kiran Gosavi has now uncovered that there wasn’t any drugs in Aryan Khan’s possession according to a report in NDTV. The claim has been made by one more key witness in the case, Sam D’Souza, again according to the same NDTV report. Watch the video

Many questions have effectively been cast over Sameer Wankhede’s diligence and sincerity in arresting Aryan Khan, after few claims from various sources over his stings being pulled by others as also about him extracting a personal vendetta in the hopes of making a quick buck from Shah Rukh Khan to let his son off. And presently, this disclosure by a key witness like Kiran Gosavi, who should be a vital witness in the case for the Narcotics Control Bureau, has placed their case in further jeopardy.


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