Asim Riaz: Not depended on pandemic for “Me Time “

Asim Riaz is an Indian model, actor, and fitness specialist. He is best known for his recent appearance in the reality TV show Bigg Boss, and formerly for being the face of BlackBerry,
Model-actor Asim Riaz said he is not spending time at home amid the pandemic crisis fretting about the future, but by making music.
Model-actor Asim Riaz dropped his debut track, Back To Start, as a rapper on the occasion of Eid last month.
For several of people , Covid-19 and lockdown-induced changes turned out to be the perfect opportunity for self-discovery and introspection. However, for model-actor Asim Riaz, it was more of a time to chart his future plans, as for him the process of self-discovery is a never-ending journey.

“I don’t need any pandemic to discover myself. I can be in the busiest city or the busiest place in the world, and still discover the new Asim,” Riaz tells us, adding, “Those people (who say so) just want to give a reason ke they discovered (something) during this time”.
According to Riaz, he anyway spends a lot of time with himself, “kyunki aapke paas puri raat hoti hai”.
“All the time spent with one self, during the lockdown in the pandemic, can be a good reason for people if they are discovering a new version of themselves. But for me, it has been more in the back of the mind ke when we are going to start again,” says the model.

About telling his further plans of life he told the plans ,that have kept him busy for the past few months, he shares, “I am just spending time building things — the music, the movies I want to do and stories I want to tell, and thinking how I will perform on the stage when I will rap (once things get back to normal).”

And it is his dream too, to set the stage on fire. “I want to rock on the stage with a lot of people shouting my name and everything. That is one of the things I’m looking for in my life,” he admits.
It has been quite a journey for Riaz in the last two years. Starting from a reality show, he went on to feature in several music videos, and recently released his debut track, Back To Start, as a rapper, through which he gives a glimpse of his life story.

“Rap is a way of telling a story to my audience. Right now, kaam bahut affect hua hai. But what I am doing is, I am utilising the time to make music, and also rewriting and revisiting the tracks which I have already made. Mere kuch new experiences hain woh add kar raha hun,” he stated further.

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