‘B**** Of The Highest Order’ says Varun Sood’s sister Vedika for singer Neha Bhasin when she made fun of Divya Agarwal

Varun Sood’s sister Vedika took to her Twitter handle and lashes out at Neha Bhasin for making fun of Divya Agarwal for her menstrual cycle.

Bigg Boss OTT is becoming dirtier by the day, as disagreements and clashes are already dominating the headlines. We cannot expect anything better else as the fights started from day one. Divya Agarwal, who entered the house of Bigg Boss OTT, has become one of the most talked-about contestants on the show.

While the Weekend Ka Vaar saw Divya Agarwal losing support in the house, the recent episode saw the actress being cornered by the housemates. Contestants are seen ganging up against her. Meanwhile, the fight erupted between her and singer Neha Bhasin has kept the audience glued to the show. Neha in a sly manner, mocked Divya when she revealed being on her menstrual cycle.

This has left Varun Sood’s sister Vedika furious. She wants Karan Johar to notice this on the weekend and take up the matter. Vedika taking to her Twitter account, tweeted, “Can’t believe #NehaBhasin actually body-shamed @Divyakitweet because of her periods. Why can’t the houseguests see this & why do they have to gang up on #DivyaAgarwal ? #BiggBossOTT @VootSelect Bitch of the highest order this Neha is”

Thus, getting the netizens to come in support of Divya by responding to Vedika’s Tweet. One of the users commented, “Neha is a cunning woman.. and body shaming is not that simple.. no one would actually talk about it right?? Because it’s Divya who cares like mentality people have… it’s all because of @karanjohar nepotism… I really hope Divya stays strong …#DivyaAgarwal”

Even in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Divya Agarwal was called a home-wrecker by Karan Johar. She was also scolded by the host for saying that she does not need the show, unlike Pratik Sehjapal. She was further accused of back-biting. In yesterday’s (August 16) episode, Divya shared that she’ll speak her mind, and won’t get influenced by Karan Johar or Salman Khan.

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