Before Aryan Khan’s drugs case, Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Ananya Panday, and 15 more star youngsters had their biggest controversies

Shah Rukh Khan’s child, Aryan Khan’s capture, in a medication bust on board a voyage transport he was celebrating at is all the rage since a couple of days. In any case, we are in general very much aware this isn’t whenever that Bollywood first star kids have wound up in a tight spot be it for drugs, actual attack, arms, rash driving, disregarding open respectability thus, etc. Here is a rundown of 19 star kids that arrived on some unacceptable side of the law…

Sanjay Dutt was not just reserved for unlawful ownership of AK57 rifles and ammo, yet in addition needed to serve prison time. Fortunately and legitimately, he was excused of all psychological oppression charges. Then, at that point, there was his much-promoted fights drugs and ensuing recovery trips.

One of the other terrible young men of Bollywood, Salman Khan, has confronted various court preliminaries over the blackbuck poaching case, which previously surfaced during the shoot of his 1999 blockbuster, Murmur Saath Hain. The genius got alleviation for the situation as late as this year, 2021. One more stain on Bhai’s profession was his association in a 2002 quick in and out case, which chap prompted demise and mangling of a couple of trail occupants. He was ultimately absolved of all charged years after the fact in 2015.

The whole disaster with Kangana Ranaut and the much-discussed email spills concerning the two and all the mud-throwing over who was blameworthy over what resemble various sword hanging over Hrithik Roshan that will not fall in a protected zone. There’s likewise the piece of supposed unfaithfulness that is said to have prompted his separation from

As referenced previously, Shah Rukh Khan’s family is confronting their hardest difficulty yet, with his oldest, Aryan Khan, dealing with indictments over substance maltreatment by the NBC, other than being in touch with drug pushers. Fardeen Khan was found in the act buying cocaine from a seller, however since it was a miniscule sum, he was allowed bail five days after the fact. As would be natural for him, the media meeting that Vivek Oberoi called to make his private disagreement with Salman Khan a public undertaking was the solitary most impeding variable to his Bollywood profession. Then, at that point, there have additionally been a few occasion where he has taken tricky burrows at his ex, Aishwarya Rai, and her significant other, Abhishek Bachchan. Saif Ali Khan was additionally embroiled in a similar Blackbuck poaching case as Salman, yet later cleared. The Nawab of Pataudi was additionally captured, however delivered before long, for punching a man and clearly breaking his nose over a contention at an eatery. Salman and Saif’s Murmur Saath Hain costar, Forbidden, had likewise confronted similar charges of poaching. Like Saif, she, as well, was given a spotless chit. Aaliyah Kashyap ended up in the eye of a tempest and at the less than desirable finish of enormous savaging and skank disgracing for examining sex, drugs, virginity, pregnancy, casual hookups and snare ups with father Anurag Kashyap on her YouTube channel. Ranbir Kapoor was marked favored and entitled by people in general and got the anger of the media when he took issue with his get-away pics with then sweetheart, Katrina Kaif, discovering its approach to news channels and online interfaces sans his consent. Even with the nepotism banter, Ananya Panday’s remark on additionally having confronted battles made a colossal clamor via web-based media. In like manner, Alia Bhatt was brutally savaged for quite a long time for goofing up the name of the then Leader of India on Koffee with Karan. Aamir Khan wrongly spoke about a discussion with spouse Kiran Rao about the developing narrow mindedness in the nation and maybe needing to move abroad for the wellbeing of their children on public TV, which had disturbed up a few conservatives and ultra-patriots. Right on time into his vocation, Tiger Shroff had wrongly joked during a limited time meet (after being bugged by a columnist about his marriage plans) for the main Baaghi film about needing to wed a town lady who’d rub him and cook him warm suppers when he got back after working all day, which blew back in his face as women’s activists didn’t see its interesting side. As of late, Shraddha Kapoor had done what many do and disregard a transient, however being a superstar she was savaged for not showing at least a bit of kindness as she didn’t offer said bum any cash or food. Specialists at the Bhubaneswar Lingaraj Sanctuary has stopped an objection against Raveena Tandon (as star kid as she was Chief Ravi Tandon’s girl), asserting she had gone for a commercial in the ‘no camera zone’ inside the sanctuary’s premises. Sooraj Pancholi has needed to confront an extensive fight in court and long stretches of extraordinary media investigation for quite a long time over allegations of Jiah Khan’s mom that she hasn’t drove self destruction and Sooraj was liable for her girl’s homicide. Rishi Kapoor (a star kid as he was Raj Kapoor’s child) had ended up in the center of a contention bounteous occasions because of his combustible tweets to such an extent that child Ranbir Kapoor and mother Neetu Singh had said that they would awaken fearing what new tweet he might have posted the earlier evening. There was additionally the issue of Chintuji and senior sibling Randhir Kapoor being engaged with a fight with some camerapersons during the Kapoor family’s Ganpati visarjan. Other than all the renouncing that ex Kangana Ranaut had distributed to him and his family, Adhyayan Summan himself had stood out as truly newsworthy and pursued debate when he had uncovered that ex Kangana Ranaut would make him drink the blood produced during her feminine cycle.

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