Bigg Boss 15: Bigg Boss 8 winner Gautam Gulati exposes Simba Nagpal in front of the housemates

Gautam Gulati exposes Simba Nagpal in front of the housemates; shows them a secret letter with mean comments written by him for them

Bigg Boss 15 is grabbing everybody’s attention with celebrities putting their best energy to make the show entertaining. Fights and drama plays a significant part in making this controversial show a hit. The current season of Salman Khan’s show is collecting a ton of attention with all the drama happening inside the house. Simba Nagpal, be that as it may, appeared to be a very calm and composed contestant of the show. To a certain extent where he was named to be boring. Yet, here comes the big uncover. Gautam Gulati who entered the show as a special guest talked about a ‘secret letter’ written by Simba Nagpal.

This letter allegedly had mean and awful remarks about different contestants of the show. For Afsana, he wrote, “Keechad mein nahane ka shauq nahi hai mujhe” (I don’t like to wrestle with a pig as the pig will enjoy it but I will get dirty).” He also called her, “Sille hue aloo ke parathe (patoto).” For Karan Kundrra and Jay Bhanushali – he wrote Ravan and Ram. When confronted about the comments he wrote for Afsana, Simba said, “She has called me many things during fights and all these thoughts were inside me.”

Prior, it was Umar Riaz, Akasa Singh, and Karan Kundrra who had tracked down this mysterious letter of Simba Nagpal. Everybody was stunned to realize that somebody like Simba had such thoughts and anger inside him. Gautam Gulati advised him to share his thoughts in the open as instead of writing them down





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