Bigg Boss 15: Fans call Vishal Kotian ‘a snake’ for lying to Shamita Shetty, read tweets

Viewers call Vishal Kotian ‘a snake’ for twisting Karan Kundrra’s words and lying to Shamita Shetty

A lot has been occurring inside the Bigg Boss 15 house. After Raqesh Bapat’s abrupt exit, Shamita Shetty broke more than ever. She questioned Raqesh’s reason of leaving her alone inside the house since she thought he was unable to take the negativity. Be that as it may, it seems like Vishal Kotian is good to go to control Shamita for his benefit in the game.

In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 15, Karan Kundrra felt disgusted with Vishal who said that since Raqesh is currently out of the house, it would be simple for him to control Shamita. Karan questioned his Akka-Anna bond and even let him know that he didn’t like it.

Then, at that point, Vishal asked Shamita about her equation towards him. Shamita let him know that she had separated herself since she had heard numerous things about him from different contestants. Shamita guaranteed him that their bond is as yet solid and if Vishal double-crosses her, she will see for herself.

Notwithstanding, when Shamita asked Vishal for what valid reason Karan’s eyes were red, Vishal twisted Karan’s words and apparently portrayed him as someone bad and lied to her. Fans were not happy with Vishal playing mind games with Shamita and at last attempting to rift between Shamita and Karan. Viewers are currently calling Vishal ‘a snake’ for playing dirty games inside the house.

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