Bigg Boss 15: Mahhi Vij BLASTS Shefali Jariwala for her comments on Jay Bhanushali’s rage, asking, ‘Who are you to talk?’

Bigg Manager 15 is in its second week now and the show is as of now getting nasties with the maltreatments and brutality that is occurring inside the place of Bigg Chief.  The two don’t agree with one another on the show. The battle started during the Wilderness Mein Khunkhar Danga task. The Wilderness waasi challengers had got into a dreadful battle with the Ghar waasi hopefuls. Jay and Pratik once more got into battle of words with one another. The previous was seen utilizing slanderous words for Pratik’s mom on the show. Pratik had recently gone into a frenzy over the equivalent.

Also, this time he separated and began hitting himself. Bigg Supervisor 13 contender, Shefali Jariwala who as of late began watching Bigg Manager had remarked on Jay’s use of language and maltreatments on the show. She requested that he tread carefully. Obviously, Mahhi Vij was not the one to stay silent. She hammered Shefali helping her to remember her stretch in her season. “Recently began watching #bb15… should say it’s an extremely fascinating setup of contestants.#PratikSehajpal doing extraordinary, however should keep a beware of aggression.#JayBhanusali pls show some respect.” Shefali had tweeted out a few days prior. Also, Mahhi reacted to a similar saying, “Ufff u wouldn’t fret ur activities in ur season who are u to talk.”When other day the battle broke out among Jay and Pratik once more, Shefali once more tweeted out saying, “Disgrace on you #JayBhanushali

On the off chance that you guarantee to be a greater big name, I anticipate that you should act all the more mindfully. #PratikSehajpaI #bb15 #ColorsTV #VootSelect #BiggBoss.” Mahhi reacted to her tweet saying, “Hahahha what u did in ur season sabko pata hai shefali let s not get dr… feel embarrassed about urself.”

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