Bigg Boss 15: Salman Khan scolds Neha Bhasin For Claiming The Show Is Scripted

Salman Khan scolds Neha Bhasin for suggesting the show is scripted

Bigg Boss 15 host Salman Khan, at last, addressed every one of the reports and bits of gossip about the show being scripted in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. His clarification was not because of the social media allegations by the viewers but after wildcard entry, Neha Bhasin told Tejasswi Prakash, ‘Here all of us are being played. All this is done by the creative team. They make angles and we follow them.”

Talking straightforwardly to every one of the contestants, Salman clarified, “So we want to tell everyone that this show is all yours. We have not set any angles here – be it romance or fights in the house. You are doing whatever it is.”

He added, “No one is dictating terms to you guys. You guys stay here, impress the audience, and one of you wins the trophy. We had no part to play in Ieshaan and Miesha’s romance. Yeh sab befazool ki cheezein hain. What you guys do and say, it’s up to you. The action is controlled by you. The show is all yours. If it becomes a success, the credit goes to you, if it fails, then the blame also goes to you.”

He asked them harshly not to blame the creative team as they just only give tasks and rules, not scripts. He said that they show what the contestants do and joked they don’t have a VFX shop to project something else to the audience.

Salman then, at that point, asked Neha Bhasin to explain her stance. She attempted and clarify her part however apologized for not being careful with regards to her interaction with Tejasswi. Salman let the contestants know that if they say or do anything in the game, they’d need to bear the repercussions. He asked them to focus on the game and warned Neha, “Anyone who comes from outside and thinks of himself as an expert should think of what’s going to happen to them.”


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