Bigg Boss 15’s Ieshaan Sehgaal: ” I am planning to make my mom and sister meet Miesha in the next seven to ten days”

Ieshaan Sehgaal: ‘My sister and mom really like Miesha Iyer, they will meet her in 10 days’

Bigg Boss 15 contestants Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgal have been eliminated from the show. The couple fell in love with each other inside the Bigg Boss house and, it just so happens, both Miesha and Ieshaan were eliminated from the Salman Khan show over that very end of the week. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Ieshaan affirmed that his family likes Miesha, adding that he intends to make his sister and mom meet Miesha soon.

“Yesterday, I had a word with my sister and she said ‘I want to speak with Mimi (Miesha) and they had a chat. I also talked to mom and she told me they really likes Miesha. It is nothing like they do not like her or won’t accept her. In fact, I am planning to make my mom and sister meet Miesha in the next seven to ten days. Everything is going fantastic,” he told Hindustan Times.

Talking about Rajiv, Ieshaan said, “I believe that he was concerned about me as a friend. But, the way he said it was wrong and he even apologised to me later. He said he was sorry. The way I said things, that was also wrong. I think he should have tried to explain things in a softer manner, things would have been sorted but he said something and then explained it seven days later.”

In any case, Ieshaan added that Rajiv’s statements affected his mental health. “The things he told me, things he said about Miesha and my family. I was affected a lot. He said my family won’t accept Miesha, my sister does like Miesha…My mental health was affected by all that he said. I went into a shell, I was very disturbed. I am a sensitive person who will react when told such things. My family matters to me a lot, Miesha matters to me. When I was told my family won’t accept her, It became a burden to me.”

Despite several reminders from various guests as well as host Salman Khan to expand their game and remove the foucus from their romance, Miesha and Ieshaan couldn’t keep their hands off one another. In any case, Ieshaan said, “Salman sir never mentioned we should not be doing this. He always told us what was right and what was not. And, I think, you should not judge anyone. If we were weak, we would have been out the very first week. If we survived for 35 days, it was because of our own game. We are overwhelmed with the response and love we are getting.”


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