BTS reveals the meaning of the numbers on the board they are holding in the video of ‘Butter’

BTS has revealed the meaning of the numbers that are written on the board they are holding in their latest music video ‘Butter’

BTS’s ‘Butter’ that got released just a few days ago and gained more than a hundred million views in a day also features the singers holding boards having a few numbers on it. Now, their fans have asked them the meaning behind the numbers and they have revealed it.

According to the band the board RM holds have his birthday 12, 1994 and above that the number represent his previous address.

Junkook’s board also shows his birth date ie; September 1, 1997 and below that is the date on which he joined the band.

The bottom number on Jin’s board is his birthday December 4, 1992 and the one on top are random numbers he typed in his notepad.

J-Hope’s bottom number is also his birth date  February 18, 1994 and for his top number he has chosen a pager code for ‘kiss’ in Korean.

Suga has also chosen his birthday March 9, 1993 but on the top he has used random numbers just like Jin.

Jimin’s bottom number is again his birth date October 13, 1995 and his top number is the second day of their concert in Seoul.

The band is known for their hidden meaning in their songs and this time it is really interesting.

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