Criminal Defamation case against KRK filed by Manoj Bajpayee over “GANJEDI, SOFT P*RN” tweet

A tweet by Kamaal R Khan posted on 26 July defamed Manoj Bajpayee and tarnished his image among his fans, Bajpayee’s lawyer said. The complaint has been filed under IPC section 500 (punishment for defamation).

The previous month, comedian Sunil Pal made a derogatory comment on Manoj Bajpayee. After Sunil, KRK (Kamal R Khan) also jumped into the matter and admonished the Family Man actor with his usual offensive words. At first, he ignored such comments by indirectly calling both ‘workless’ and ‘jobless’. But in the latest development, Manoj has planned the self-proclaimed critic to court.

Sunil Pal slammed Manoj, those who don’t know, by accusing him of serving pornographic material with a series like The Family Man. He even compared himself to Raj Kundra, who is involved in the P*RN racket.

Now to add some spice to it, KRK took to his Twitter account and tweeted, “Last night, I was talking with Sunil Pal & he told me the story of #FamilyMan web series. Manoj Bajpayee’s wife is having a boyfriend. Manoj’s minor daughter is also having a boyfriend. #AaaThoo! Sharam Nahi Aati Iss Nasedi, Ganjedi Bajpayee Ko Aisi p*rn Parosne main. Laanat hai.”

He added one more tweet slamming the actor, “Jaisi Jis Insaan Ki soch Hoti hai, Waisa Hi Woh Kaam Karta Hai. So Manoj doesn’t have problem for such soft p*rn. So he wants public to learn such things only! Lanat hai Iski life Par. Raj Kundra and Manoj are same to same.”

Now, as reported by PTI, Manoj has filed a criminal defamation case against Kamal over his offensive tweets. He complained in Indore court.
The complaint has been filed under IPC section 500 (punishment for defamation). Manoj’s side has been represented by lawyer Paresh S Joshi. In a press release, Joshi said that the actor himself appeared before the court to give his statement.

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