Dia Mirza’s Kaafir: Is it necessary to forget we are Human first due to Deep-Rooted prejudices

Dia Mirza’s project which is a web series, Kaafir (2009) is a part of the discussion today. As we know a pandemic is going on, Even the wave of COVID-19 in the country continues  this series is running well and giving strong messages to go for humanity, Dia Mirza Who is in the lead cast in the web series Kaafir, said that “as a human being we need to be kind to one another and says it is something that her character embodied.

This series is going on OTT platforms and foremost onward stronger than before in the last two years, Actress Dia Mirza is happy that she decided to wizard fiddle with the character when she got starred in the Kaffir Web Series.

Web Series Kaafir is all about a women who mistakingly crossed the LOC, and is presumed to be a militant and so she got in the dungeon as a prisoner. Dia Mirza is in The role of that lady as a lead cast and shows all the suffering of the prisoner lady Kainaaz Akhtar.
As the series of timepieces two years on June 15, Dia Mirza the lead star cast says, “It is difficult to not empathize with a woman who goes through so much suffering for no faults of her.”
The 39-year-old, pregnant with first-child, goes on to share why the story of Kaffir will always relevant.
“A woman who is also a would-be mother and she no longer knows if she will be able to go back home…
Eventually, the story is sensitive and giving us a message that we should be human first by spreading love and peace. It’s is relevant that nature continuously giving us a message in the form of a pandemic that life has uncertainties, spread a sense of humanity. We are being reminded that hate and violence are ultimately flapdoodle emotions.” elaborated by Dia Mirza.
Dia Mirza also asserts that “as human beings, we need to be kinder to one another and she notes that it is also something that her character embodied. stating that the “fundamental humanism” further in the terms of sharing her casted character of Kainaz, she told “Deep-rooted prejudices make us forget that we are human first and Kaafir continues to remind us of this fact. Hate is a corrosive emotion and robs us of our ability to empathise with each other and vitiates life so much that we forgot to love, to be kind, to build a world where there is more light than darkness.”
Dia Mirza known for her Nature love and how she is so optimistic, calm.
For the role of the character (done so nicely), Dia Mirza won an award as well.
She tells; “The performance had to be subtle and yet expressive of the turmoil within the character and I felt truly humbled when so many fans and critics sent me appreciative messages after watching the series.”

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