Divya Agarwal Wants To Work With Salman Khan In An Action Film: “Imagine The Tiger And The Tigress Coming Together”

Divya Agarwal made a ton of commotion over her altercation with Karan Johar in the Bigg Supervisor OTT house. On numerous occasions, KJo cautioned her to not deal with him like a competitor in the game. Fans even called the host one-sided and upheld their #1 member. In any case, with Salman Khan coming into the image, what might be the situation like? Peruse on for select details!Many have been taking burrows at Divya saying that she might have won BB OTT yet the genuine article is the show facilitated by Salman Khan.

The champ has a kick*ss reply for all the haters.Divya Agarwal solely advised us, “The main distinction between Bigg Manager OTT and Bigg Supervisor 15 is the host, Salman Khan, there’s no correlation! I’m scared by his energy. There are just less individuals who can make me go into self-uncertainty and Salman Khan would be one of them. I realize whatever he thinks and he accepts is correct.” However imagine a scenario where she has a conflict with Salman Khan. Divya Agarwal replies, “In the event that we both conflict, I simply trust I stay quiet. Furthermore, I don’t get carried away making my statement. I simply need to have everybody consciously said, so that will be talk there. Be that as it may, I trust we consent to disagree.”

And imagine a scenario in which she gets a job inverse him. “It’s going be fun in the event that we do a film together. No one will ask me for what reason I’m doing what I’m doing or things like that. Then, at that point, we’ll work, have a good time. He’s senior to me and one of the divine forces of the business. I will be consequently agreeable in light of the fact that I’ll be in the learning mode. In any case, with regards to life, sorry brother, I likewise know things about existence!” added Divya.

Divya additionally added that she couldn’t want anything more than to do an activity film with Salman Khan, “Envision the Tiger and the Tigress coming together!”Rumours have been overflowing that Divya Agarwal will enter Bigg Manager 15 as a special case. Responding to something similar, the entertainer closed, “In case it’s a trump card, I would prefer not to go in light of the fact that I don’t care to begin things involved with something. I simply don’t have any desire to hop midway.”

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