Farah Khan calls emotional Geeta Kapur her “first kid”

Geeta called Farah her Guru and thanked her for teaching her everything

Geeta Kapur was moved on Super Dancer 4’s Teachers’ Day special show on Sunday, when the ‘super gurus’ acknowledged her for guiding them and knelt down to her as a sign of gratitude. Geeta’s guru, Farah Khan, calmed her with an embrace.
Geeta, according to the ‘super gurus,’ was not only like a ‘maa (mother)’ to them on Super Dancer 4, but perhaps someone who guided them like a companion would. They all walked out on stage and knelt before her, bringing tears in Geeta’s eyes.

Farah, who made a guest appearance, remarked, “Geeta, you have earned all of this affection, all of this admiration, and so much more.”
Farah further gave Geeta a hug saying explaining that she is Geeta’s mother but in her (Farah’s) culture children aren’t permitted to kneel down in front of their parents therefore, giving Geeta  a hug.

Geeta, touched by the actions, stated that Farah is responsible for all of her accomplishments. She said everything that she has  learnt about this profession, or how to be honest to the work she does is from Farah. She thanked Farah saying ” Thank you, Maa, for being the finest guru in the world.”
Farah further added to Geeta’s remark that she’s no more Geeta’s Guru now but her mom and she is her daughter or as she is often seen saying “her first kid.”

Geeta began her career as a teen by joining Farah’s group and assisting her with choreography in movies like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dil To Pagal Hai, and Main Hoon Na. She, at present is the judge on Super Dancer 4 with Shilpa Shetty and Anurag Basu.

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