Filmmaker’s trying to make money on the death of an actor; Delhi High Court to stall the practice

After the plea of the father of the deceased, Delhi High Court has decided to keep a check on the release of movies based on the death of SSR.

Exactly a year ago, in the month of June, an incident shook the Bollywood film industry as the mysterious death of the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput started to unearth some secrecy of the Industry. With all the talk about the issue long gone and almost forgotten, the case had recently been opened up in view of a drug probe. However, the issue now does not merely concern the cause of the death but some filmmakers who are trying to produce films based on the life of the actor against the consent of his family.

Since the very beginning, Sushant’s father, Krishna Kishore Singh has been against the idea of dedicating a film to his son in view of portraying the actor in a negative light. However, some makers were too delusional about the repercussions and have gone ahead to come up with movies like Nyay: The Justice which is supposed to release tomorrow. In April, the court had asked producers to give a ear to Sushant’s father who had been pleading to not use the name of his son nor list likeness on the big screen in fear of defamation. However, there plea was left unanswered and hence, Krishna Kishore Singh has filed a petition seeking for damages of about ₹2 crores for “loss of reputation, mental trauma and harassment”.

While the NBC is still in the process of the drug probe, there are other issues which have surged up revolving around the death of the actor. It is being said that some other movies aimed at the same agenda are in the process of filming. These films named ‘Suicide or Murder: A Star Was Lost’, ‘Shashank’ and one other unnamed movie must take reference from the on going controversy and be prepared.

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