“For Dhanteras, I got a beautiful gold tea set”, says Bappi Lahiri

Bappi Lahiri: For Dhanteras, I got a beautiful gold tea set

Diwali is here and the celebrations are happening with home parties, family gatherings, special food, and a lot more. Bappi Lahiri had a festive dinner party on Monday night at his home. Furthermore, yesterday at Dhanteras, in case you are wondering whether the Bollywood singer and composer got some gold, this is what he got. Conversing with Bombay Times, he says, ” Aaj Dhateras pey maine meri wife se kaha ki mere liye ek gold tea set ley aaye. I had seen this beautiful tea set I wanted it, so she went shopping for me bought that as it was an auspicious day to buy gold.” And what about some gold jewellery, which he loves? ” Nahi, iss baar gold chains nahi lengey; gold ka sab kuch to hai hi. I felt that tea set or a cups and plates set would be better.” he says.

 Bappi shares more with regards to his enviable gold adornments collection and asked him the number of chains roughly he has. ” Bohot hai,” he replies, ” Lekin zyaadatar Bhagwan ka naam hai – Balaji hai, Ganpati Bappa hai, Hare Krishna hai. They hold beautiful memories for me – for instance, the Hare Krishna chain was my first chain, given by my mother to me. Later, my wife presented me with a beautiful gold Ganpati Bappa I also have a collection of gold bracelets, which she had bought for me,” he informs.

Discussing his fave festive sweet, he says, “It’s kaju sandes, I just love it.”At our Diwali party, we had puranpoli with ghee on it that was lovely, too. Our house looks so festive now, we have lanterns put up everywhere, and yesterday, we made some rangolis.”


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