From the length of the reality programme to the punishments and accommodations, Bigg Boss 15 has it all

The principal scene of Salman Khan’s Bigg Manager 15 is around the bend. The show will start broadcasting on second October, and to prepare for the season debut, the producers of Bigg Manager took an unexpected of the press to Pench Public Park, Maharashtra, for the fabulous dispatch of the questionable unscripted TV drama with regards to the wilderness topic.

Also, the what tops off an already good thing was have Salman Khan joining the media trip by means of zoom video meeting from Austria, where he’s been shooting nonstop for Tiger 3, however benevolently got some down time to address the media. BollywoodLife had a fantastic view to his zoom video call and came to know firsthand of a few invigorating improvements about Bigg Supervisor 15, including the numerous progressions you can anticipate this season.

Among the many changes this year, Salman Khan has affirmed that BB15 will run for more than expected, checking in at around five months. Besides, the candidates would be forced to bear a lot more serious disciplines for their offenses. Also, there’ll be an enormous change in the offices for the members, with the conveniences expected to be definitely not as much as what was seen in the past seasons with an end goal to keep the wilderness topic as sensible as could be expected.

At long last, the challengers will be given just a single endurance unit each, once more, remembering the wilderness milieu.

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