Gehana Vashisht promises to reveal identities of everyone in the pornography industry to the police

Gehana did not appear before the police since she was out of town but has stated that she’ll help police by revealing the identities of all men and women involved in porn industry

Gehana Vasisth, an actor, was scheduled to appear before the Mumbai Crime Branch on Sunday for the ongoing inquiry into the Raj Kundra case, but she was unable to do so since she was out of town. When contacted by an media outlet she stated that she had not received any formal summon and continued, “I received the notification only late yesterday night but no official summons has been given to me. As you are aware, I am not in Mumbai and it is not feasible to book a flight quickly, and an RTPCR test is also required by COVID 19 guidelines. My bank accounts have been seized, therefore I need to make preparations before returning to Mumbai in a few days. I will undoubtedly meet with authorities from the Crime Branch and look further towards addressing all of their inquiries.”

Gehana stated that before she was detained, she had already provided a lot of knowledge about the porn business and wished to offer much more. “When I will meet with Crime Branch authorities, I will tell them the names of the females and others engaged in the porn industry,” she added. “Both men and women work in the sector, and their identities will be revealed to the authorities.”

Those females who are now portraying themselves as the victim by playing their card are concerned that once their identities are out, they will become the guilty in the case. Others, however, are making complaints while creating pornographic content that is widely available on the internet. I have all of the identities and want to make a formal complaint against everyone engaged in the pornography industry. How can one individual be punished out while both Raj Kundra and I am still charged but not guilty in the case?”

She also stated that the Hotshots app’s content was created by a team of directors and producers, rather than just one. “There were numerous more persons who were creating sexual stuff, and they should also be called in the case,” she remarked.

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