Gehana Vasisth asks police to disclose her whatsapp chat with the lady claiming gehana’s involvement in rape

Gehana in a latest interview said that it’s the girl’s plot and she’s trying all this to stop me from exposing the truth

Gehana Vasisth’s pre-arrest bail hearing has now been rescheduled on Friday. The actress is now requesting that the Mumbai police disclose the WhatsApp talks and texts she had with the lady who has lodged rape accusations on her. Gehana argues that the woman lied and that the texts would reveal her deception. “I was detained on February 4, and the cops took my laptop and phone,” she explained. ” Those devices include all of the conversations in which the same girl thanked me for providing her job and occasionally asks for extra money, which I gladly provided without understanding what her goal was. All I want of the authorities is that my conversation with the girl be documented and presented in court.”

Gehana further says that the lady marketed the video, accepted money for it, and even dubbed for it. “She must have seen what she had filmed when dubbing the picture and has also issued a NOC for the film,” she explained. She alleges that there are around 50 pornographic films of the girl who filed the complaint. Gehana also advises that now the police should investigate the girl’s history and claim.

Gehana claims that the lady filmed for the video in January 2020. “I was detained in February 2021; why didn’t she come out after that and why did it take her so long to bring the case? This is probably because I have come out in favour of Raj Kundra. “She probably planned all this to make me afraid and stop exposing the truth,” Gehana contemplates.

She further disclosed that the same lady has lodged three more identical complaints against different producers. “I am the fourth, and her claims are exactly equivalent,” she stated. It’s odd that she was forced to shoot yet kept working with them, and now she’s claiming rape.”

Just several days ago, Mumbai police published testimonies from two victims who alleged they were coerced into filming pornographic material. One of the two victims, a 20-year-old woman, claimed that Gehana Vasisth forced her to film obscene films.

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