Gehana Vasisth speaks out over unfair judgement, says, “Girls are coerced to become victims; gandagi phailayi ja rahi hai”

Raj Kundra is back home in the wake of putting in two or three months in prison. The business visionary was blamed for running a pornography racket that managed illicit creation and dissemination of pornography content. They said that it was bad-to-the-bone pornography which was restricted in India. The applications were enrolled in the UK.

One of the women who has safeguarded him is Gehana Vasisth. She has said that the substance delivered was erotica and not pornography as it is being affirmed by the Wrongdoing Branch. She has been supporting Raj Kundra all through. Presently, she has been given break bail by the High Court of India. She told media faculty that ladies were being coerced and compelled to turn casualties when that was not the situation. Gehana Vasisth prior told ETimes, “Hon. High Court of India has permitted my break utilization of bail with a condition to go to when needed by the exploring authority so I’m showing up before the Property Cell, Byculla tomorrow 23rd September 2021 at 11 am to record my assertion.”

She generally said that the young ladies were not really constrained by Kundra or his partners to work in movies and everything was with assent. She further told the paper, “I have been saying directly from the start that joh sachcha hai wahi jeetega (reality will win) and I’m glad that I have an interval bail from the High Court.

I believe I was consistently morally justified and what I did was correct, that is the reason beneficial things are going on to me.”

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