Glimpse of The Kapil Sharma Show shared by Archana Puran Singh

TKSS would be back real soon, fans are eager for the confirmation of the date of the premiere

The comeback of The Kapil Sharma Show has piqued the interest of viewers. Fans have been unable to maintain their cool since the comedian shared the first set of photos with his crew and stated that they will return with the show’s next season. Archana Puran Singh has now shared a sneak peek at the new set on Instagram.

Check Archana’s video from the sets here:

Videos and photos from the set have already been circulating for just a few days now, proving that the shooting has commenced. On the sets, we’ve already seen Akshay Kumar along with his Bell Bottom crew and Ajay Devgn with his Bhuj: The Pride Of India squad.

Archana Puran Singh who has very recently shared a sneak peek at the new set on her Instagram account. Archana looks gorgeous as she shows off her new appearance to admirers. The actress next rotates the camera and reveals everyone the whole set, which appears to have been renovated. The stage is completely lit. Kapil Sharma appears in the video as well, ready for the shot and inquiring the crowd whether they can listen him. Following that, we can hear the audience roaring for the entertainer. Afterwards, Archana rotates the camera back to herself and can be seen straightening her hair as she explains that the smartphone is really handy since it can also be used as a mirror. We can indeed sense the energy of the upcoming show.

Sumona Chakravarti too has recently shared the glimpse from the sets of TKSS, fans are excited since they thought earlier she’d not be seen in the show. Now, the main wait is for the date and time to be confirmed for the show until then, we’ve to keep content with the glimpse of the sets being shared by the team.

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