Got ‘conned’ by ‘a silly Ad’, says Mira Rajput asking fans if they felt the same

Mira Rajput get conned by online shopping of a phone cover. Read on.

Who is not a fan of Bollywood’ Kabir Singh i.e., Shahid Kapoor today? He has won many hearts by his amazing performance in Kabir Singh and who doesn’t know his beautiful wife Mira Rajput. Mira Rajput is one of the most active star wives of Bollywood in social media. She is like a shining star in her ways and people admire her for that. She is having a fan following of more than 2 lakh people.

She is quite popular on social media nowadays. However, she recently shared a picture in which she shared about her online shopping of a phone cover. The phone cover didn’t turn out to be anything like it was mentioned to be. She took her experience on her Instagram stories. Sharing a picture of the cover she ordered, she wrote, “fell for a silly ad and brought a phone cover.. looks nothing like the display picture and is a flimsy plastic but does the job.. She further added, “I needed a sling cover so I can go for my walk without needing a bag. (No my tight don’t have pockets) Chuckling about how it’s been years since I got conned. Also at the use of my chuckling.

Adding another story, she wrote, “Are these top-quality stickers the only thing that will keep my phone from falling out when I’m walking..” She asked her fans for their personal experience of such fraudulent online shopping. And in return for that fans responded to her story and later on, she uploaded those answers on her Instagram story.

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