Harshvardhan Rane recollects the memory of his hard day’s lives

Harshvardhan Rane says he has worked as a waiter, courier boy, and even in a call centre

Harshvardhan Rana had gained a lot popularity after being featured in Haseen Dilruba. The star is on cloud nine after getting such immense response from the fans. The actor featured in the film alongside Taapsee Pannu and Vikrant Massey and is loved by the viewers. He has come a long way. From his humble beginnings to slowly carving his own space in the film industry with baby steps, the actor is an inspiration to many. Recently in a chat with a leading publication, the actor recalled his struggling days when he didn’t have money and took up several odd jobs from 2002 to 2004. He said that he had run away from home at the age of ’15-16 with just Rs 200 in his pocket.

The actor says he has worked as a waiter, courier boy, at an STD booth, cyber café, and assisted a DJ to earn extra cash. The actor wanted to make a living and hence kept doing odd jobs. He even says that those days English was given utmost importance for any job and he wanted to learn the language and master it. Since coaching classes were too expensive, he had joined call centers who used to give soft skills tutorials in English before the employees attended calls.

Harshvardhan said that he would join these call centers, learn English for free, and even get paid for it.
The publication quoted Harshvardhan as saying, “To reach the level of call center English, I used to listen to the radio or CNN UK or CNN America. After five-six months, I cracked an interview. I jumped call centers to get the training and learn English for free, and got paid for it too! Back then, English was of utmost importance. Thankfully, things have now changed. Hindi is also getting the respect that it deserves because of actors like Amitabh Bachchan.”

Earlier, Harshvardhan had said that he had worked as a delivery boy in 2004 and once delivered a helmet to actor John Abraham. Now, John is producing a film that features Harshvardhan along with actor Angira Dhar. Titled Tara vs Bilal, it has been directed by Samar Shaikh.

Harshvardhan was recently seen in Haseen Dilruba alongside Taapsee Pannu. In the movie, he essayed the character of Neel Tripathi, who falls for Rani (Taapsee Pannu), the wife of his cousin Rishu (Vikrant Massey). Haseen Dillruba was released on Netflix.

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