“Hollywood is imitating Bollywood,” comments Kangana Ranaut, says ‘Trying to steal our screens’

In response to Ryan Reynold’s recent declaration that Hollywood copies Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut has expressed her view.. The Canadian actor recently addressed his Indian fans in a promotional video for his new film, Free Guy. Ryan pointed out that while describing various parts of the film the film sounded like a normal Bollywood film. “The answer is yes, if you are asking if Hollywood is just copying Bollywood.“If you’re asking if Hollywood is simply copying Bollywood, the answer is yes. He stated, “We have no shame, none at all.”

Kangana stated that Hollywood also tries to grab theatre screens by using an Instagram post with Ryan’s statement about Instagram Story. His concern over Hollywood films overlooking Indian films in India was highlighted lately by Kangana. As reported by PTI in a recent press meeting she said, “With our screens, we must discourage American and English films. We must act like a nation. We ought to cease splitting like North India or South India. We must first enjoy our own movies, whether Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu or Punjabi.”

Kangana added, “These is what they’re doing here too… Hollywood destroyed with its monopoly French, Italian, German and other industries…. We do not like each other and see the dubbed “Lion King” or “Jungle Book” versions. However, we won’t give Malayalam a dubbed version a chance. It’s not going to work for us. Our priority must be maintained by our people and industry. That’s how to make a Bharat of Atmanirbhar.”

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