Home grooming for all, Sushmita Sen tries hairdressing for her daughters

Sushmita Sen’s daughter has posted a picture of the actress trying her hand at hairdressing during the pandemic.

With all the saloon’s shut and the least possible way to get in touch with a professional, people seem to have resorted to grooming at home. Sushmita Sen has lifted her comb and scissors to make her daughter look presentable. As she tries her hand at hairdressing, daughter Renee Sen has captured the memory.

Since the inception of the pandemic, Sushmita has gotten quality time to spend with her daughters, Renee and Alisah. They have been keeping busy by hosting live sessions on Instagram which again is an entertainment to their audience as well. While Renee has captured her mother grooming her sister, Sushmita posted the picture on her Instagram handle. “Busy weekend anyone?!!!Alisah has a way of making me feel really important…I’ve been her official choice of hairdresser since she was 3yrs old!!! While I am all stressed to cut her hair, she simply meditates!! Love her confidence!!!” she captioned the picture telling the audience how she has been keeping busy during the pandemic.

Earlier this month, Sushmita has also gotten compliments from her daughters for having excellent photography skill as she managed to take a perfect clip of theirs. Renee posted the picture that her mother took on her Instagram handle.


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