Huma Qureshi’s ‘Maharani’ gets mixed response in Bihar

People in Bihar are giving a mixed response on Huma Qureshi’s ‘Maharani’.

Huma Qureshi’s ‘Maharani’ got a mixed response in Bihar, where some people are straight away calling out the show, some of them are fine with it as they look at it as a piece of fiction.

A leading film exhibitor of Bihar said  “Which Rabri Devi is this? When did she become this Jhansi Ka Rani and Indira Gandhi combined? I feel the series is  sponsored by Laluji’s well-wishers and friends.”

An entrepreneur of the state said  “They did the right thing by changing the names of Lalu Yadav and Rabri Devi. This is not Rabri Devi’s story. If it is their own imagination then why was the cast giving interviews about the serial being based on Lalu and Rabri Devi? You can’t have it both ways. Headline bhi aur fiction bhi.”

A teacher of the state said “Of course they’ve taken huge liberties with political facts. But then what was Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat? Or Mughal-e-Azam? What I like about Huma Qureshi’s character is that she very reluctantly agrees to become the  Chief Minister of Bihar. But she refuses to be a  rubber stamp. She has a mind of her own. That’s amazing.”

The show is available on Sony Liv app.

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