“I definitely want to get married”, says Ankita Lokhande

Ahead of her December wedding, Ankita Lokhande talks about becoming a wife and building a family

ETimes and ETimes TV were the first to inform everyone that Ankita Lokhande is all set to get married to her boyfriend Vicky Jain in December in Mumbai.

The actress just ahead of her wedding news told Hindustan Times, “I believe in marriage and the concept of love a lot. I get very excited about marriage, because it’s the best thing if two people are willing to live together and build a family.”

Lokhande adds, “This is what Indian tradition is all about. It is not just the boy and girl marrying each other, but the entire family. I like that, and if I get an opportunity, I will definitely do it.”

When asked as to whether this means the actress is good to go to tie the knot, she said, “I definitely want to get married and that will happen one day for sure. I’d love to become a wife and build a family,” she says.

Ankita, in any case, wouldn’t comment on the buzz surrounding her December wedding. The actress expressed that she doesn’t want to speak about her personal life in public.

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