‘I don’t mind criticism, I have made a career out of it’ says Taapsee Pannu breaking her silence over the negative reviews

Haseena Dilruba was released on the OTT platform- Netflix on 2nd July directed by Vinil Matthew

Haseena Dilruba actress Taapsee Pannu has never minded getting negative reviews but this time she spoke about the mixed reviews she got from her latest movie release Haseena Dilruba. She also said that she made peace with the reality that not everyone will be happy with her, or like her films.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Taapsee Pannu spoke about why she answered to a few reviews that panned her recent Netflix film, how playing such characters affects her mentally, and more. And this is not the first time, talking to her she said none of her films ever received good reviews. She said, None of my films have ever received unanimously good reviews and I can tell you that because I have read every review of my every film till date. Some unanimously received terrible reviews. I do not think anyone has seen me react till now. I don’t mind criticism, I have made a career out of it. If you go back and read reviews of my films, there are things that could make a person quit. But I took it all in my stride and worked on myself. I have been vocal about this – I did not know my job well, I have learnt it over a period of time, while I was at work. I do not take myself too seriously, but I take my work very seriously. You can make fun of me, but not my work ethics. I have heard nastiest of things about me, but that comes with the job (that I do). I made peace with it (the criticism) ten years ago.

The other thing that appalled me, was the feminist lens of movie reviewing. Do not single out one or two scenes and making the whole film about those. Don’t tell me you will tell the character what she should have done. The idea of feminism is, you do not tell the woman what she needs to do, that is female version of mansplaining! Kanika Dhillon (Haseen Dillruba’s writer) and me, with the kind of filmography that I have, wouldn’t do anything that goes against women. See the film as a film.

Taapsee went on to say that she has learnt the dynamics of the job over time and wasn’t a pro since the beginning. She takes her work seriously and believes that no one can make fun of her work ethic. “I have heard extremely nasty comments about myself but I know that those are the perils of the job and I have made peace with it” She concluded.

Taapsee will be next seen in ‘Shaabash Mithu’, directed by Priya Aven and Srijit Mukherji, and Akash Bhatia’s ‘Looop Lapeta’.

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