When Meera Rajput opened up on sharing parenting responsibilities with Shahid Kapoor

Meera Rjput talks aboutsharing parenting responsibilities with Shahid Kapoor.

Meera Rajput talked about sharing responsibility of taking care of their kids with Shahid Kapoor, in a live session when she was asked by a fan about it. She said “Definitely. You know, I read something the other day, which said, ‘Don’t treat dad as a babysitter, treat him like a parent.’ By that, what you mean is, dad is not going to be there when mom needs time off. Dad is going to do what dad does, he is not going to fill in for mom because he has his own role.”

She further said “Because, at the end of the day, they have a different bond with a parent and they have a different bond with another parent. My kids are totally different with me than they are with Shahid. They enjoy doing different things with him and they enjoy doing different things with me.”

She then continued “Yeah, of course, there are times when I have had some time off and I get to work and Shahid’s with the kids. That really helps with the bonding of the kids and their dad, and the kids and me, and we just get time to recharge.”

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