In Raj Kundra’s alleged pornographic case, Sherlyn Chopra takes digs in the statements of Shilpa Shetty

In Raj Kundra’s production and distribution of pornografic content case, the Mumbai Police have submitted an additional charge of almost 1.500 pages. The statement of Shilpa Shetty was also reported by PTI and the actress told the cops not to know about the activities of her husband.

Shilpa, in her statement that is included in her prosecution sheet before a Mumbai court Thursday, said “I was too busy with work, I did not know what was Raj Kundra about.Sherlyn Chopra shared a video on Twitter by digging at Shilpa Shetty’s statement.

Sherly referred to the Bollywood actress like she did: “According to a number of reports, she is not aware of her husband’s harmful activities. Didi also says she doesn’t know about her husband’s moving and immovable assets. You guys can understand yourself how true this statement is. She added another comment, “Waise isey, hate kehte kya? Silver banker, Khana peda. Have you got it?”

In the voluminous charge sheet, too, was the statement of Sherlyn Chopra. The actress revealed that she hired the Sherlyn Chopra App from Saurabh Kushvah, Raj Kundra from Arms PrimePvit Ltd, but never got her own share of revenue. “I never got my 50% share, she said.” She said. Raj Kundra subsequently came to work for Arms Prime Pvt Ltd’s HotShots app.

I’ve been assured that working for HotShots was perfectly fine. I’ve also been told HotShots would have bolder videos and content. But the creative ideas and the monetary dimension of the deal could not be agreed. That was why I refused Raj Kundra’s offer to work on HotShots.

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