Indian Idol 12: Shanmukhapriya and Mohd Danish got hunted by the trollers, netizens call them ‘Besura’

Netizens questions why they are still on the show at the expense of other talented contestants. Some created memes, watch here

The negative trolls won’t stop as trollers this time hunted Shanumukhapriya and Mohd Danish for their singing. After the episode shown on 18 July, of Indian Idol 12, the two contestants were trolled very badly again online. Several netizens were calling them ‘Besura’ while others were questioning their presence on the show yet. Some netizens said the show is only for talented contestants. Ridiculing memes were also created in the name of these two young vocalists.

It looks like there’s no leisure for both Mohd Danish and Shanmukhapriya. Check out the tweets below:


One Twitter handle wrote, “comments should be: Danish chillane mein ekdum versatile ho #indianidol12.” To which another netizen answered by saying,” It’s general feelings that #Indianidol12 has become unfair to Shanumukhapriya (SMP) and Danish these days by listening to recent comments of touts. They are being asked to sing in the last slots mostly. It’s really unfair. Try to acknowledge their talents not their touts.”

While one of the netizen took the Twitter account for trolling both the young vocalist and wrote a message which reads, “Actually we should thank sony tv… they are saving our time… danish and shanmukh ka performance aate hi mai tv band kardeta hu.” A trolling comment read,” Yes they deserve out of show.”

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