Indian Idol season 1 winner, Abhijeet Sawant upset at the fact that the latest seasons are drifting away from being a platform for exceptional singing talent

Recently, Abhijit Sawant has lashed out at the makes of the reality show, Indian Idol who have shifted the motive of the platform far away from giving recognition to extraordinary voices.

While reality show were the pure form form of entertainments since the 2000s, they have lost their popularity due to the influence of tastemaker’s and the maker’s greed to increase the rating through TRP and storytelling. Indian Idol was one show which was loved by the audience and served as a major platform for aspiring singers to secure a career in music through recognition they can possibly gain by showcasing their talent. However, like many other reality shows, the show has been accused of fake story telling and dramatization.

Abhijeet Sawant, the winner of the premier season of the show has recently lashed out at the makers of the reality show to say, “If you look at the regional reality shows, then the audience will hardly know about the background of the contestants. Their focus is only on singing, but in Hindi reality shows, the tragic and sad stories of contestants are redeemed. The focus is only on that.” He also justified himself by giving an example. He recollected the time on the show when he had forgotten the lyrics of a song and yet the judges decided to give him a second chance. The singer is of an opinion that if the same incident were to happen today, in this time of storytelling, the scene would be dramatized with a melancholic background sound.

Abhijeet’s disappointment rightly surges from all that has been a part of the reality show. Off late, there have been additions of a love angle to the show to portray Pawandeep Rajan and Arunita Kanjilal as lovers. Moreover, there has been news that the makers are faking the poor lifestyle of contestants like and Sawai Bhatt and Sayli Kamble’s.

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