International Shooting for Tiger 3 begins: Cast and crew to head to Russia on 18th August

Action scene shooting will now start very soon, cast and crew flying via jumbo charter

Actor Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif have united for the film ‘Tiger 3’. The two were reportedly sighted in the city while filming for the movie. Following the completion of the Mumbai trip, Salman and Katrina will depart for Russia on August 18th to begin shooting the foreign portion of the third sequel of the ‘Tiger’ series.

Salman and Katrina shall film in at least five overseas locations, namely Austria and Turkey, over the course of a 45-day production loaded with elevated action sequences. Aditya Chopra is traveling with the cast and crew on jumbo charter due to the pandemic.

“YRF is actually flying everybody including Salman, Katrina, director Maneesh Sharma, the whole cast and crew for this tough foreign segment that will see the team pull off some fantastic filming schedules!” an insider said. Team Tiger gets off on August 18th, 21! The directorial crew, led by Maneesh, has been preparing for quite some time for this period, and Aditya Chopra is adamant that the filming must go in a smooth manner.”

“Salman and Katrina will arrive in Russia initially, then go to several filming locations such as Turkey and Austria. Considering the virus, Aditya Chopra and Maneesh Sharma did not want to sacrifice on the film’s scope, and Tiger 3 is set to be a visually striking cinematic experience. As a result, this schedule will contribute significantly to the film’s cinematic feast, and several never-before-seen fight scenes will be started filming,” the insider stated.

Furthermore, Salman is working on a number of other projects. He owns the films ‘Kick 2’, ‘Bhaijaan,’ and ‘Antim.’ Katrina, on the other end, would be featured in ‘Sooryavanshi,’ ‘Phone Bhoot,’ and ‘Jee Le Zara.’

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